Preparing for summer…

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There is so much going on in my soul/spirit and I wish I could share it with you all but I’m not sure all of you would understand my point of view on this, so I will keep a low profile…..But I can say one thing: I believe a 100% that we are all going to come out better then okey when this shit storm is over!!! I’ll leave you with one link if you’re interested ⬇️

It’s been a busy week!!

Filming a ghost hunt with a spiritual podcast called Spokpodden!
I’ll let you know when this podcast and YouTube film is coming up!
Having deep conversations with spiritual people & studying
Coffee is always making me feel better
Spent last night with my dearest soulmate Helen and former ghost hunting friend/ colleague!
Today me and my husband went out to get a makeover on our balcony and rooftop terrace ❤️
Balcony in process
Our small rooftop terrace is coming to life..
Happy easter everyone 🐣🐣

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