Lunch with my friends before a long drive home to Gothenburg ❤️ We had such a beautiful 24 hours ❤️ We threw our old habits in to the ocean and embraced the new in our life’s

I meet my husband 2004 and we been happily married since 2007❤️ He always takes me out for romantic dinner and he listens to all my drama❤️

Date night ❤️ Italian food😍
Carpaccio 😍
Apero spritzer
My girlfriend is picking me up for a roadtrip… be casual they said 😂
When you try to be cool😂
The 3 witches on the beach 🔮 Johanna, Ulle & me
Camping and making new visions 🖤
Throwing old experiences in the ocean and letting go from toxic behaviors & people 🖤A new beginning is in the horizon 🖤

Today’s been absolutely amazing 🖤 we went on a long road trip to this beautiful beach “camping” place in Sweden to symbolically release old patterns and let go of toxic people and behaviors! It’s time to make room for the new in our life’s ❤️

Find some new clothes today!

From Bikbok
From Lindex, beach & balcony wear❤️
Coffee with my friend 🖤
Lunch meeting with an old friend 🖤
Soon in store with different frames at PELCASA.COM
New prints soon in store at PELCASA.COM
Don’t forget to laugh and be your own icon❤️ Life is to short, don’t wait! The best time to start is always now!