Traveled to south of Sweden for a organizational development job at the best food store ICA Kvantum in beautiful Åhus ❤️

Love to go by train ❤️
My latest painting 🖤

Many good things happening now !! I’m excited for what’s to come ❤️ Honor your dreams with action hard work that is in alignment with your visions !!! And don’t forget to laugh on the way to the end of the rainbow 🌈

Coffee or die❤️🤪

Did my hair today at the fabulous SINNERS & SAINTS hairdresser ✂️NADJA✂️ With the most luxurious hair products JBeverlyhills🖤

I’m so happy 😍 if you go an extra “mile” to look good then you feel good, and when you feel good, you do better, and when you do better, your life is improving , when your life improves good things happens 🤩🥂🎊❤️ Make you’re self feel better ❤️

Yes! I did my 9 days of detox and I’m just getting started with my new lifestyle 😍 I feel great!!!

A beautiful evening ending with my friend Ulle❤️
Dance like nobody is watching 😂
New work❤️
Think, breath, feel success ❤️

Wow time really goes by fast ❤️ And that means to me, go out and live your life and celebrate everything you can 😍 So, on Monday I’m gonna celebrate and honor my body to a 9 day detox with aloe vera and you can follow my everyday update from Monday. You want to join me for detox? Let me know and I’ll hook you up ❤️

Price 1506 kr🥂😍
My husband sent me roses from Norway he is working ❤️
43 years old and I will rock my way forward 🤩🥂
A great birthday celebration with my friends ❤️

And now it’s time for the beach with Lina❤️ Saturday fun❤️

And thank you all for your birthday wishes 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋