This morning i actually went to the gym, witch is the first time in several weeks!

Breakfast with Susanne and setting the date 27/3 for our tactile art exhibition 🥂

27/3 16:00-19:00🥂 at Gothia towers (you can see the exhibition during 25/3-31/3).

But the best celebration today was that i finally finished my big painting 3×2 meter 👏🏻👏🏻🎨 I literally had to step away from the painting and just stop 😂 So now it’s done!!

A lot is going on and hard work is the way to go 😘 See you 27/3 at Gothia towers 🖤

A LOT is going on as usual….. Tonight I was at the gallery Gothia tower in Gothenburg, watching artist Eva!

Artist Eva💖

AfterWork at ⬇️

Some amazing things happened!!!! I can reveal it after this weekend 😍🥂🥂🎶📢

Today I was selected in Apéro fine art magazine for March edition with my painting

-Facets of life- and their theme is contrast.

A new painting & collage is done for my art exhibition in Stockholm 16 – 27/3❤️

A reminder….. challenge yourself to your absolute limit…. the results will come 😘

A lot is going on as usual….. And when my friends text me and say that they have popcorn 🍿 that means gossip 😂

My reply was😂⬇️ (of course, no drama)😉

My sisters son turned one🎈

Valentina 17 years, Ivan 12, Vasilje 1, Djurdja 6.


I had a great meeting you can find a little taste of my art in the hottest Hair saloon in town!!

Take a look 👀


Had a nice business breakfast with 4 of the best! We went through how to do a commercial video 👌🏻

My big painting is coming to live…