Wonderful days with amazing food ahead!! And yesterday, Friday after work with my big family we had seafood 🦞 This weekend will be all about food & art, on Monday 2 off my paintings will be at display in a nice gallery in Rome❤️

We started very early this morning for kastrup Denmark for a direct flight to Rome!

My paintings to the gallery in Rome 😍

Of course we found this elegant food place😍

This caprese was so good and only a starter 😍😍😍

Oh!! My Swedish popart painting is done!

Wish you all the best weekend 😘

Working on a Swedish popart painting 💙💛 and this picture is just a little bit in a corner of the painting…

When I was walking home today I walked by Gothenburg tram parking lot, and there it was… a beautiful old tram!! I had to take a picture and style it a bit❤️ Which one is your favorite?

My beautiful sister is here from Belgrade ❤️

Looking back at pictures from growing up and in all stages in my life no matter how hard or easy the times have been, I’m almost always smiling and have funny laughs in my sleeve❤️ And that’s my secret to a life filled with laughs, to see my life path with humor and not take “negative people ” to seriously !! We all should laugh more 😘

It’s important to me to meet our everyday life with a lot of humor and laughter❤️

My newest painting got a new home 😍 And it hangs with an older painting off mine!

I got some flowers to my studio from a jewelry designer and we did some photos for a upcoming jewelry collaboration 😍👌🏻 I will show you within a week!!! DICONIC!

And I’m so happy!!!!! We bought a new closet with lights and room for my nice things , my husband is tired off my (floor closet)😂😍 Will arrive in 2 weeks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Don’t forget to laugh 😂