Met my dear friends, and this is how it can look like when we drink coffee at a café😂 Cards every where and other people are ease dropping at our conversations😂

We are laughing so hard at these (small) cards😂
Today’s breakfast and workout
And nice article in a paper called “La nuova calabria” came out yesterday in Bergamo Italy 🇮🇹
Love this painting 😍 It’s called 4ICONS
Breakfast is served & it was not a healthy one I choosed 😬
Let’s do this ❤️
My paintings :
Anita Ekberg
Gallery minotauro fine art🇮🇹
Dinner after the first day of the art fair, Italien style with great galleries and artists❤️
A late night drink before bed❤️

So many impressions today and inspiration, I’m just so grateful for all people who I met❤️ Okej, I really need to sleep!! Good night 😘🌙