Hotel mornings and long breakfast ☕️ Today I had some moments to myself and I spent it sitting and looking out my hotel window…. Many thoughts on my new path that is on the horizon….. An era is coming to an end for me🖤

And a new journey begins….. more on that in May🖤 It’s a bit scary for me to go outside my comfort zone and always when I do that my inner self sabotaging lady is screaming and pushing against change…… Never give in to your self sabotage voice!!!!!

What do you do when your self sabotage is speaking and change is in the air??

So after this weekend with work & spa I went for some gym🖤

Wish you the best Sunday ☀️🐣

My Easter is at a spa & conference with a class that graduate 🎓 I wish you all the best ☀️🐣

Today’s spa conversation was:

1. Raise your worth and standards

2. Fall in love with yourself

3. The only truth is how you feel your life, so feel good 😘

My room 👌🏻

Always remember to laugh no matter how your life is at times 😘 Get your self happy!!!

Started yesterday’s morning with spa & breakfast with my mom ☀️

I’m working on my new series of paintings on Stockholm syndrome, and I needed a break with some happy colors🖤

Yesterday Gothenburg came to live with beautiful weather and sunshine, I went to see the Greta Garbo photo exhibition at Gothia towers and a pit stop at heaven 23👌🏻🥂

Tonight I had a lecture about cards & numbers ♣️♦️♠️♥️

Tomorrow easter starts and I have a education finishing at a spa Friday-Sunday 😍 Sometimes I really enjoy my work 🎶

This witch is done for today 😉

A lot is going on as usual….. And when my friends text me and say that they have popcorn 🍿 that means gossip 😂

My reply was😂⬇️ (of course, no drama)😉

My sisters son turned one🎈

Valentina 17 years, Ivan 12, Vasilje 1, Djurdja 6.


I had a great meeting you can find a little taste of my art in the hottest Hair saloon in town!!

Take a look 👀


Had a nice business breakfast with 4 of the best! We went through how to do a commercial video 👌🏻

My big painting is coming to live…