Year of 2020 is a wake up call!

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Wow this year is really a wake up call for so many of us! We all have our personal journey and it’s interesting how this awakening is interfering with our lifes. I mean every human being is effected in some way with the virus. So my question to you is: how are you doing in these times regarding keeping your vibration as high as you can? Me personally is waking up for real when it comes to wearing “pink glasses” and I’m really trying to enjoy every moment in the now.

This year in January 14 I was actually in Northern Italy in Bergamo Milano at a huge art fair! And then 3 weeks later i went to New York for 2 weeks for my exhibition in Manhattan! This means i been in 2 of the most exposed areas for Corona virus just before the big outbreaks!!! I mean, what are the odds?? Yes I got sick 5 days after my NYC trip and had all the symptoms except hard breathing. I was really sick for a week.

This is how the number 20 is a symbol for in ancient wisdom of tarot, and we are in the year 2020! A real awakening from the boxes ….
The last good fellas supper is done😍 It’s a favorite of mine ❤️
Home made pizza gluten free & vegan (no, I’m not a vegan I’m just trying to be healthy)
Almost done ~Icon Cola~
Boost yourself with vitamin C
Nice coffee moments…
Breakfast at home..

Don’t forget to laugh even in times like this ❤️ fear is a low vibration… Joy, laughter is a high vibration 😘

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