We started our last day at the museum of modern art… so many beautiful artworks…

Gustav Klimt

Mimmo rotella

Andy Warhol ❤️

My gallery 🇮🇹 if you are in Rome please visit this gallery 👌🏻

Our last meal tonight, we are leaving tomorrow early in the morning 🇸🇪

Arriverdverci Roma🇮🇹❤️😘

Wonderful days with amazing food ahead!! And yesterday, Friday after work with my big family we had seafood 🦞 This weekend will be all about food & art, on Monday 2 off my paintings will be at display in a nice gallery in Rome❤️

We started very early this morning for kastrup Denmark for a direct flight to Rome!

My paintings to the gallery in Rome 😍

Of course we found this elegant food place😍

This caprese was so good and only a starter 😍😍😍

Oh!! My Swedish popart painting is done!

Wish you all the best weekend 😘

Working on a Swedish popart painting 💙💛 and this picture is just a little bit in a corner of the painting…

When I was walking home today I walked by Gothenburg tram parking lot, and there it was… a beautiful old tram!! I had to take a picture and style it a bit❤️ Which one is your favorite?

My beautiful sister is here from Belgrade ❤️