Good morning beautiful Sunday ☀️ This weekend is just amazing with family, friends and a new beginning for me! I am selling out my old company interior and are now ready for my next step ❤️ I’m so excited!!

Friday night Cheers at Barrique 🥂 with the witch team several of us had some big things to celebrate 🎉 ❤️

Omg we had so many laughs 😂

Saturday night Girls night at my place ❤️

My new painting studio at Geijersgatan near Gothenburg avenue ❤️

Happy Sunday to you all ☀️❤️

Sometimes it’s hard to have trust and faith when you don’t know the outcome in a situation that really matters. I’ve been working so hard the last couple of months with not much to show….

But now it is all beautifully falling into place…

Yesterday I signed a contract and in late fall it will be in public 🖤 Tomorrow I have an appointment to look at my possible new painting studio 😍

shopping some fresh flowers and candles for the weekend ❤️

My Walt Disney icon painting is finished ❤️

Tonight I held a lecture on our energy system at SSG

Isn’t it nice to be in the moment 😂😂😂

Now it’s feet up, candles & Netflix 😘

Don’t forget to laugh 😂 and see your own weakness & strength 😘

Special delivery of a painting in Stockholm to a very special soul ❤️

Love the train back home Mtr express 👌🏻

Morning coffee with Mari😍

My painting shoes 😍

Oh, did I say that I really love coffee??😂😂

Today (Saturday) I was at Gothenburg’s largest alternative/spiritual exhibition, you can by my books there👌🏻

Don’t ever never stop laughing 😂 you should almost pee a drop or two in your pants every day 👌🏻😘 And PLEASE DONT BE SO SERIOUS😂

Morning Business crew/ Mastermind coffee gathering 👌🏻 Today’s topic was:

What is success to you right now in your life?

Delicious delivery of a rawfood cake from Rawgott😍

Enjoying a really good bottle of wine with my husband in our new home ❤️

Yesterday’s evening with my girlfriends❤️

Don’t forget to laugh 😂