Fika, coffee time with Maarit ❤️
I baked a chocolate brownie with no gluten and no sugar ❤️
So much to tell you all, a shift is in process and I will let you know when it’s time ❤️

You can never have to much fika😂

Did my hair today with a very easy technique, it makes your hair look fuller and more edgy, do you want to know how to do this?
Today’s lunch meeting with my friend Johanna Isaksson at JOS ❤️
New art babies ❤️

Oh, we also did a YouTube video on energy thief’s (in Swedish) ➡️

Always remember to laugh ❤️

I’m so glad that I dared myself to launch an extra dimension in my company ❤️

Filming my new trays at Radisson blu in Gothenburg at their gorgeous VIP lounge !!! Thank you Maria❤️

Went for secret stuff in Stockholm for 2 days, I’ll let you know within the next few weeks…..

And now in in the snow with family and friends ❤️ (and yes I’m working just a bit) 😂 My family thinks I’m a workaholic

It’s hard to really make it, but we all can if we really want to ❤️ A lot of work, and than some more work, dedication, discipline and a love for what we do ❤️
A new couture candlesticks in process
My beautiful boy’s ❤️
This amazing bottle I found in Stockholm at a second hand over 80 years old, and did a makeover ❤️
Always my weekend plans 😂