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What a beautiful weekend 😍

Yesterday was filled with amazing people, Mater class in intuition👍🏻

Hey! I have a question for you…..

Why do most of our Swedish people still let the ”Law of jante” rule our world and actions? I believe it’s time that we start living, thinking and acting without it!!!


A Swedish virus that makes you think:

– Don’t believe you are something

– You are not special

– Don’t take up to much space

– Dreams is nice if it fits your community box

– Do the same as everyone else

We are so scared of failure that we don’t even begin to try to do things we really want…..

Please! Let’s F**K Jante!! Do or try something today that is aligned with your inner soul happiness ❤️ A small step for humanity but BIG STEP FOR A SWEDISH PERSON 😘

Saturday night 🥂

My new hardcover art catalog arrived ❤️

You can purchase your signed copy here

And don’t forget to laugh on your way ❤️

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