To have faith..

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Time goes by so fast, it’s already middle of June and I’m home sick with a great tan, what a waist 🤥 😉 today is 5 days with fever and it is really getting very boring…. I don’t think i ever watched so many movies in my life 😂

Any great movie/series tips?

I’m am in this period in my life where I need to have faith, trust myself and my path, it is very hard sometimes and feels like this picture

I learned a lot about life these last years and I believe many of us is struggling with this topic ”faith”.

When it comes to that time in your life when faith is all you have but you don’t really have it, you don’t know the outcome and you don’t know what to do… you don’t know what to choose in your life, what decisions to make and what you will do with your life.

1. Take control of your thoughts that say:

i don’t know 🤷‍♀️, take control of what you can and make this period about taking care of yourself , like eat healthy, work out, allow your feelings without letting your feelings running you.

2. Meditate for the purpose of quieting your mind from thoughts that ask stressful questions and make your situation more insecure. So meditate to be free from thoughts that take your energy. Reset your mind.

3. Learn to have patience, in the mindset of this state it is very important that you go to action with what you can control and leave the things that are not ready for you just yet. In a patience state of mind focus on fun things, it is like your life cookie is in the oven, you can’t stress the cookie in the oven.

4. Have fun and laugh 😂

If you do this I promise you will soon know your next steps in life.

Painting ”breaking out”

Well, time for a movie 🎥

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