Need to pack…

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yesterday I left a painting at a Juice bar called Juice källan in Gothenburg 💚 A great place for delicious and healthy juices 👌🏻

I’m leaving on Thursday with my son Ivan to spend 2 lovely weeks in Belgrade (and no painting for 2 weeks 😱)❤️ My mom and sister with family is waiting for us.

I’m in a really nice artist flow and it feels like I’m breathing colors and shapes, I’ve been painting for several days in a row without break, and when I got home I realized that I need to pack and wash clothes… but it is so boring that I do everything else except packing 😂 and guess what I found…??? A bottle of champagne 🍾 so guess what I’m doing now?? I’m not packing 😂😂

Wish me packing luck 😘

2 kommentarer till ”Need to pack…

  1. Aaw, gillar Andy Warhol tavlan 💗
    Läste även om din härliga frukost, och jag ÄLSKAR frukost!
    Jag fortsätter följa dig – mysig och trevlig läsning
    Snälla tankar 🤗

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