Keys to my future ❤️

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What a week!!!!! So many good things on the way!!!! Today I got the keys to my new art studio and tomorrow I will move in and start a new chapter ❤️

My visiting address is Geijersgata 1B❤️

Yesterday I met with the amazing hair salon Sinners & Saints Tina & Said🖤 Amazing people who gives from the heart!!

A visit from the podcast Spökpodden 👻 Martin & Oscar😍 Stay tuned!

This painting got a new home ❤️

Oh, and I got myself a new tattoo saying:

👊🏻Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself 😂

Yes that is the plan… 🥂

And tonight is an event at Salong Oss , stay tuned ❤️🥂 and happy weekend to you all 😘

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