Good morning☀️

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Such a beautiful morning and days in my hometown. Meeting Maarit for morning coffee ❤️

Lunch at JOS
A little kiss for my kitchen penguin 💋
My boy’s this weekend ❤️
Did some coloring to my jacket, why 87? Well, 8 means a money flow & 7 is my number 😘
Cheers from the best Juice bar in Gothenburg ❤️ A great breakfast with my old friend that lasted way after lunch
Almost done ✅

And a date with my dearest witches ❤️

Me & Ulle: I’m just gonna have one card! 😂 Yeah right 😂 Three hours later…….

And finally after thinking & talking about it to many years I did it!!!!! I have completed 2 online courses that is now available on my website❤️ Destiny cards has been a love in my life for 10 years, and now you can also access this in Swedish❤️ And Tarot cards course is also finally done!!! I’m proud of myself 🙏🏻 (both in Swedish).

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