D Iconic by Evakristina 🖤

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It’s finally here and you can buy it online at

👉🏻 EvaKristina

A collaboration with a very experienced jewelry designer Eva got inspired by my icon paintings, so she decided to make a new collection called ”D Iconic” and every jewelry is hand made ❤️

And more news of this collection comes after New Years ❤️ I love to were these artworks ❤️

And remember the message:

We are all icons in our own life’s, you are the icon and this jewelry’s a symbol for that 💋

I had such a beautiful 24 hours with friends and spa❤️ it was a late night spa and we were alone almost😍

A great breakfast and now Saturday in my living room ❤️

Oh, I almost forgot, I need to say this…. if you ever had a ”toxic” ”narcissistic” person in your life then you know that they really don’t want you happy!! They actually want you to fail and promise you the things they know you really want.

They can go on and on forever trying to get others to see you in a bad light. Even people who never met you will do things for the narcissist to make you look bad, they are so called ”flying monkeys” and flying 🐒 are running the narcissist dirty smear campaign.

But thanks to my curiosity and knowledge seeking head, I educated myself on this topic and I can see a narcissist & flying monkey a mile ahead!!!

So for them I will post this picture 😍 and as I am a hopeless optimistic person, I really hope they/that person moves on because I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ 😁 (they never let go) but you can always hope 👍🏻

For the rest off you non toxic, I wish you the best weekend 😘

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