Soulful moments 🖤

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What would a day be like whiteout the soulful coffee and tea moment..candles…..I say, empty…. I take time and moments every day to be in the moment appreciating my meal or drink with candles and just enjoying.. it’s like putting gas in your car!! I just have to every day ❤️
Pancake breakfast (healthy) made without gluten, sugar or dairy. I used banana flour, eggs and a little coconut milk and water. topping: blueberries, strawberries and yacon syrup organic and whipped coconut cream ❤️ Birthday Monday breakfast for my girl.
Another gorgeous breakfast this week was with my friend Maarit ❤️
Recorded a few episodes for my YouTube channel (in Swedish) Next topic is mirroring in Swedish (Speglingar) and this episode is out tomorrow ❤️
Started and finished a new painting ❤️
Welcome tomorrow and book your art tour with bubbles 0736-794200 I’m at the restaurant 16:00-18:30❤️ LÖFQVIST o vi! Second floor in arkaden ❤️


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