New collaborations 🖤

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Planning new exciting things for the autumn and spring! I can’t tell you what it is yet but soon🖤 To all of you who wants more spiritual, intuitiv & personal development stay tuned 😘

I had such a beautiful cup’s of coffee today ❤️ For me it’s an art to drink coffee, I really enjoy the beautiful cups and environment that you set up for the coffee moments ❤️ How do you enjoy your coffee or soft drinks?
My friend Ulle Wageborn (pippispirit)
Morning coffee with Emma from (ditt Yogarum)🖤
In process ❤️
I’m so in love in these iconic jewelry collection ❤️ The most amazing part with the rings is that you can easily change the size to fit all your fingers 😍 And its real silver ❤️
At the beach doing absolutely nothing 😂
Found this picture from a wacay in Greece a few years ago and where is my eyes???😂😂😂😂 Well, at least my husband looks great ❤️

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