I’m so grateful 🖤

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I’ve been home for about a week now, and it feels like it’s been 2 months, I’ve been working around the clock with jet lag…..

Date night with my dearest friends ❤️
These 2 strong women is a blessing to have ❤️all we do is encourage and empower each other in to grow as individuals ❤️ I really want to encourage you who reads this to have good people around you who always have your back❤️
This painting was finally done today ❤️
Recycled artwork with my spray cans❤️
Coffee with my old dearest friend Helen❤️

Next Thursday 27/2 is my lecture/workshop with topic: Toxic relationships❗️ This is a workshop for all you empathic people out there. And a topic very close to my own heart.

So true ..
Don’t forget to laugh 😂

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