Hectic but a beautiful week

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I’m so glad that I dared myself to launch an extra dimension in my company ❤️

Filming my new trays at Radisson blu in Gothenburg at their gorgeous VIP lounge !!! Thank you Maria❤️

Went for secret stuff in Stockholm for 2 days, I’ll let you know within the next few weeks…..

And now in in the snow with family and friends ❤️ (and yes I’m working just a bit) 😂 My family thinks I’m a workaholic

It’s hard to really make it, but we all can if we really want to ❤️ A lot of work, and than some more work, dedication, discipline and a love for what we do ❤️
A new couture candlesticks in process
My beautiful boy’s ❤️
This amazing bottle I found in Stockholm at a second hand over 80 years old, and did a makeover ❤️
Always my weekend plans 😂

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