Emotions, they come and gođź–¤

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When we question our dreams, hopes and wishes.. Remember, it’s just emotions and they will pass….

In moments like this, When everything feels dark within yourself, and the struggle is all about self worth, and having a purpose in life, and a meaningful feeling that gets you up in the mornings and keeps your head above the water.

Just right now it’s emotionally very hard…

But, I know from the center of my being that these types of feelings aren’t true, they feel like they are true but they are not. If anyone who reads this, can relate and are going through similar emotions, please know that it’s just feelings and don’t let these feelings determine your future.

When I feel like this, which i do in periods, I take these steps:

1. What do I actually control in these moments? Look at your thoughts and see what they are focusing on. Take back your mind control to mindfulness (be present in the now)

2. Allow all feelings without ACTING on them. Be like a loving parent to the emotions. The emotions will pass when you allow them.

3. Don’t escape into bad foods/substances or bad people. Stay grounded and do what is best for you in a long term. Or go to sleep early. Tomorrow is a new day.

This is more true than anything else ❤️

Take care❤️

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