So far I’m having a really good week and with some well earned rest❤️

Dinner with my mom and aunt

Sold one of my favorite paintings 🖤

One of my absolute dearest old friend Sissi turned 40 and her daughter is just sooo charming, when she looks at me, I totally die❤️

New place for clients at Salong Oss🖤

Today dinner & coffee time with important people in my life ❤️

Today i bought the equipment for my podcast that is soon to come 👌🏻

Don’t forget to laugh 😂

I’m starting my days with self care at Hagabadet 🖤 Yoga and breakfast ☕️

I met my friend & artist Susanne for a great friend and business meeting, so much nice things to come😊

And a big cheers to me showing at New York gallery online and in their physical gallery in Manhattan early spring 2020❤️

New York gallery

I bought a yellow treasure today 💛😍

Always give yourself some time for love ❤️

Don’t forget to really laugh 😂 and pee a little in your pants 😂😂😂 life is good when we can see the humor in things.. don’t take yourself to serious 😘

I signed up for self love and to raise my vibration in life 🖤 A year at Hagabadet with daily spa, breakfast, swimming and workouts 🖤

12 year anniversary and together for 15 years❤️ Yes it’s been up and down but I’m a very lucky woman to have my Johann❤️

Saturday dinner with my mom, aunt and daughter would be like 👇🏻😂😂kidding 😂

Don’t listen to a zebra 🦓 when you are an elephant it’s never gonna get you anywhere, and make sure you don’t believe you are a zebra when you are a elephant 🐘 . There is nothing wrong with a zebra, they just don’t understand the path of an elephant…. Be who you are and do what makes you thrive ❤️

Good morning beautiful Sunday ☀️ This weekend is just amazing with family, friends and a new beginning for me! I am selling out my old company interior and are now ready for my next step ❤️ I’m so excited!!

Friday night Cheers at Barrique 🥂 with the witch team several of us had some big things to celebrate 🎉 ❤️

Omg we had so many laughs 😂

Saturday night Girls night at my place ❤️

My new painting studio at Geijersgatan near Gothenburg avenue ❤️

Happy Sunday to you all ☀️❤️