A day in beauty mood 😍

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Warning for many selfis 🔴 It’s just that this day really gave me a beautiful self confidence boost 🙏🏻 and I want to thank everyone at hairdressers Sinners & Saints for making me feel inspired & like a million bucks!

I’m so happy, getting a beautiful makeup by Nadja and a hair fix at the same time 🙏🏻
Royalty treatment 👑 Majken from the right & Nadja on the left❤️
Silver blonde by Nadja at Sinners & Saints❤️
Got myself inked❤️
This Andy Warhol inspiration is in process ❤️
Completed a new online course Numerology ❤️
Done ✅ 100 X 120 cm 💕

Laugh more at yourself & your vanity’s… we all have our human ego thing going on, acceptance of that makes your life easier, stop judging yourself 😘 I wish you all the best weekend ❤️

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