Let’s do this…

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From now on I’m going to write in English as much as i can! I don’t know the gramma but I’ll do my best since i have followers from other countries and my instincts tells me to prepare for this ….(I’m actually not good in Swedish grammar either 😂).

Have you seen the photo challenge that is popping up every where on social media? Photo on you for about 10 years ago and now 2019!?

Well here is mine… (actually 12 years) I was 30 years old 2007. Witch makes me 25 now😂

Today i had my usual breakfast meeting with a college 🖤

Started a new painting after so much inspiration from Italy 🇮🇹

Can u guess the motive?

Fixed a mini gallery at work today 👌🏻

This is so fun😂😂😂 We all should laugh more!!

If you had no fears, what would you do different right now in your life? Challenge yourself even if you fail ❤️

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