Breakfast is served & it was not a healthy one I choosed 😬
Let’s do this ❤️
My paintings :
Anita Ekberg
Gallery minotauro fine art🇮🇹
Dinner after the first day of the art fair, Italien style with great galleries and artists❤️
A late night drink before bed❤️

So many impressions today and inspiration, I’m just so grateful for all people who I met❤️ Okej, I really need to sleep!! Good night 😘🌙

Started this day with workout at Hagabadet 🖤
Wrapping and shipping a painting to a new home…
A new painting in process and this one is already sold❗️
On Thursday a new episode from Spokpodden and I will talk about our energy system and give you a small guided meditation with some help to interpret your symbols!!! Don’t miss!!

Tomorrow I will ship 2 paintings that (nobody has seen ) to Italy for a big art fair ❤️ I’m so excited and will tell you where this will take place when it’s time…

In case I don’t write tomorrow on New Year’s Day I will tell you now…… HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 is a really good year🎊🎈🎊🎊🎈

The gifts are finally done and almost all the preparations are finished before we leave to Branäs to celebrate Christmas with the big family ❤️🎅🏻🎄 it’s a place with snow & skies! Ps, no I don’t ski but I do like a nice fire place and a warm drink😁

Yesterday I spent with my new love (my closet )

And this beautiful painting ~I am good enough~ from my series “Self love” from 2018 got sold🥂

I also left a second painting for display in the shopping mall Arkaden at Grönskap by Löfqvist❤️

And this beauty is also sold to a new place❤️

More updated art catalogs arrived ❤️

My Christmas celebration starts today❤️ And I wish you the best Christmas ever❤️🎅🏻

Today 4 paintings got a new home❤️

It’s been such a beautiful day, started off with breakfast with Felicia and her baby boy Charles ❤️

Meetings and other stuff !!

Sold paintings to a great place!!!

And ended the evening with the girl crew ❤️ I feel like the richest person alive filled with love, thanks for this day❤️

And, New York is getting closer 🗽🗽🗽❤️❤️