Toxic people 🧛‍♀️

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Today my post will be dedicated for all the empaths, codependent, caretakers and genuinely warm hearted people who truly without hidden agendas wants to help ❤️

We (caretakers,empaths) tend to draw toxic people into our life’s and what happens when a person with let’s say ”narcissistic” behavior enters our life in some way, that is the beginning of a long hard road to recover from.

🚩They will start with ”love bombing” in what area your relationship will be in.

You will feel special in many ways and that feeling is a bit addictive. To really feel that you are seen. Or they will learn your dreams/wishes and use it against you. They are symbolic to a vampire 🧛‍♀️ sucks you’re good vibes right out of your system and you will do anything to try to get it back, but now you are stuck

🚩They are jealous people who see quality’s in you that they want and are finding ways to take, and then they project their own empty shell on to you.

🚩They sound like a broken record machine and repeat themselves without listening to your voice, and you don’t have a voice with them

🚩They don’t take responsibility for their wrong doings, they always blame the other person.

🚩They talk shit about you to other’s, they say to you that ”this and that person” thinks negatively about you and it’s not even true. They just want to have control and use people as they see fit.

🚩And don’t forget the most important thing: they feel good when they manage to get you to feel like you’re not good enough, they enjoy when you feel bad so they can look good.

Here are my paintings of toxic people, they laugh with a stiff smile, fake smile and no true genuine feeling to it.

I hope this helps beautiful souls to take back their powers ❤️

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