I love mornings with hours to drink coffee and just relax and do whatever ! Happy Sunday morning everyone ❤️

Yesterday’s opening of Sinners and saints at Eriksbergskajen in Gothenburg was amazing🥂

Tina & Said are amazing beautiful authentic people who truly understands fashion hair❤️

Yesterday I hang my favorite painting Someday-Lisa for display in Gothenburg’s coolest fashion store TWO ANGELS 🖤 This painting can be bought online at Gallery104 New York or contact me❤️

Saturday night we ended up at home hosting dinner with old friends Mats & Linda❤️

Wish you a beautiful Sunday ☕️

A beautiful and great gala night for Oloo School in Kibera Africa ❤️ Great artists & performers, together we raised a lot of money to Oloo School 😍😍😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you Jessica Camsel and everyone who was there ❤️

My contribution “ICON painting Marilyn Monroe ❤️

I’m so excited and grateful ❤️

Never ever give up on your dreams! Even when it feels like your alone in the world and you are tired in to your bones and in a soul level, don’t give up on your self ! Take care and be healthy, keep your balance even when you’ve reached rock bottom…. When you least expect it your hard work will emerge 🥂

Yesterday I was in Malmo and gave a lecture in human design 🖤 After that a late tapas dinner with a beautiful couple Amer & Irene❤️

Thank you Amer & Irene for your inspiration and warm hospitality ❤️

On the road back to Gothenburg 😘

Such a great weekend, i am feeling happier & stronger than ever before😍 Thank you all for this weekend with work, family and friends ❤️

Friday snack at juice kallan ❤️

Friday night with my husband 🥂

Saturday with master class in intuition ❤️

https://www.dianawahlborg.se/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/cc6692be-2059-42ff-b8ca-166dfc5fcee0.mov https://www.dianawahlborg.se/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/a0ab9211-0e1f-4c02-981f-bfc16b596848.mov

Saturday night 😍

Sunday with the A-team ❤️arm wrestling and more….😂😂



Ulle! You make me laugh so much 😂😂😂😂

Sunday food after work out 💪🏻

Wish you all a great week 😘😘😘