Wow time really goes by fast ❤️ And that means to me, go out and live your life and celebrate everything you can 😍 So, on Monday I’m gonna celebrate and honor my body to a 9 day detox with aloe vera and you can follow my everyday update from Monday. You want to join me for detox? Let me know and I’ll hook you up ❤️

Price 1506 kr🥂😍
My husband sent me roses from Norway he is working ❤️
43 years old and I will rock my way forward 🤩🥂
A great birthday celebration with my friends ❤️

And now it’s time for the beach with Lina❤️ Saturday fun❤️

And thank you all for your birthday wishes 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

Sometimes waking up early in the morning and hearing the city outside the windows and feeling the summer breeze, makes me so excited and happy that nothing in this world is of limit! It’s like go out and bake your life, what do you want? And then practice those feelings ❤️

AfterWork with my dear friend Lina❤️
New painting in process ❤️
Art in process Alphonse Gabriel Capone AKA Scarface 🖤
I’m so excited to my new collaboration with HG gallery in old town in Stockholm, we start in late August 😍 You can buy some of my art here🥂
This weekend is going to be great weather ☀️☀️☀️

Don’t forget to laugh 😂 And practice what you love to do every day 😘😘😘

Went away to south of Sweden to meet with friends in Åhus❤️

Today’s look❤️
Helping these ladies deal with energy
Welcome to our psychic/clairvoyant education that starts this fall 5-6 September 🔮 Its important to have fun while learning 😂
I’m gonna guest speak about highly sensitive people at Helena Swanes Facebook portal💕 Welcome
A reminder: please be who you are and dare to express yourself, your truth no matter what others think ❤️ And laugh more ❤️