2 years has come to an end for this amazing group 🖤 This is my last 2 year long education for spiritual development in this type of program. Congratulations 🎈🍾🎉


A great day & night 😘

I’m also exited to present a Commissioned painting for upcoming pitched project in Los Angeles “Checkmate” is the name of the piece .

Urban Plague “the many faces of narcissism “ is the name of the project.

Looking forward to seeing how my art can enhance global projects

Good night 😘

This morning we had a business breakfast and of course a good picture before eating 😂

This morning topic was business strategy to grow 🖤 We had some brilliant ideas and good laughs!!

I am taking morning walks into town for exercise and clearing my thoughts…

I bought a summer delight 😍👡

I tried a new restaurant this weekend it’s called “magic flamingo” very good tapas 👌🏻

This weekend was the last course for academy 8 , they will be certified in 3 weeks!!

I’m also working on my art series that will launch 🚀 in USA later this year or early the next, depending on when I’m done…..🚀

I just have to post a friends picture, it’s so typical life😂😂

Hotel mornings and long breakfast ☕️ Today I had some moments to myself and I spent it sitting and looking out my hotel window…. Many thoughts on my new path that is on the horizon….. An era is coming to an end for me🖤

And a new journey begins….. more on that in May🖤 It’s a bit scary for me to go outside my comfort zone and always when I do that my inner self sabotaging lady is screaming and pushing against change…… Never give in to your self sabotage voice!!!!!

What do you do when your self sabotage is speaking and change is in the air??

So after this weekend with work & spa I went for some gym🖤

Wish you the best Sunday ☀️🐣