My Easter is at a spa & conference with a class that graduate 🎓 I wish you all the best ☀️🐣

Today’s spa conversation was:

1. Raise your worth and standards

2. Fall in love with yourself

3. The only truth is how you feel your life, so feel good 😘

My room 👌🏻

Always remember to laugh no matter how your life is at times 😘 Get your self happy!!!

Started yesterday’s morning with spa & breakfast with my mom ☀️

I’m working on my new series of paintings on Stockholm syndrome, and I needed a break with some happy colors🖤

Yesterday Gothenburg came to live with beautiful weather and sunshine, I went to see the Greta Garbo photo exhibition at Gothia towers and a pit stop at heaven 23👌🏻🥂

Tonight I had a lecture about cards & numbers ♣️♦️♠️♥️

Tomorrow easter starts and I have a education finishing at a spa Friday-Sunday 😍 Sometimes I really enjoy my work 🎶

This witch is done for today 😉

My beautiful friend Helen said yes to the dress yesterday 🥂💍🖤

My sons birthday 🎂 12 years old today 🖤🎶And his youngest cousin Vasilje🖤

My daughter and Vasilje licking the last drop 😂 we should all be more like Vasilje 😘

This is totally my mentality 😂😂😂

So much great things in the horizon……

wish you the best weekend 😘