Looking back at pictures from growing up and in all stages in my life no matter how hard or easy the times have been, I’m almost always smiling and have funny laughs in my sleeve❤️ And that’s my secret to a life filled with laughs, to see my life path with humor and not take “negative people ” to seriously !! We all should laugh more 😘

It’s important to me to meet our everyday life with a lot of humor and laughter❤️

My newest painting got a new home 😍 And it hangs with an older painting off mine!

I got some flowers to my studio from a jewelry designer and we did some photos for a upcoming jewelry collaboration 😍👌🏻 I will show you within a week!!! DICONIC!

And I’m so happy!!!!! We bought a new closet with lights and room for my nice things , my husband is tired off my (floor closet)😂😍 Will arrive in 2 weeks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Don’t forget to laugh 😂

My friend Johanna I, challenged me for 6 weeks to eat super healthy and work out A LOT! Well, so far so good 😍 (almost)

A nice breakfast at Hagabadet with my work out friend for this week after a good workout🏋️‍♀️

Started a new painting called FUTURE a special delivery 🎨

I have a new coffee machine in my studio 😍

Oh, yes, a little (food) slip at Condeco coffee house with a vegan treat with beautiful Alexandra 💚 (I couldn’t say no)😂

Well, in a few weeks from now I will be looking good and it will be worth it!!! Are you satisfied right now with your size, shape? If not, let me know and I can let you in on the details on how many kcal and more…..

HEY!! Don’t forget to laugh 😂

It’s interesting how some people can react when you make healthy choices for your self that has nothing to do with others…When I set boundaries and people don’t hear it…they can only see their own wants…

Did you ever reach a point in your life where you needed to move on and take your next step in a new direction that is good for you and your life path, and others who are used to have your energy reacts in a bad way?? Well, I know that this is something that occurs when they no longer get your energy, but still every time it happens I get a little shocked!

But I’ve learned to use this as proof that I’m really changing for the better and I’m learning to keep my own energy instead of giving in to others needs❤️ We all do the best we can where we are at❤️

And I’m practicing to say NO to those who only want what is not for them to have… this is my new “NO look” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Today’s coffee with my dear friend ❤️

Asking questions to an 8 ball😂😂😂 for fun😂 but sometimes the answers are like woooow😂

Tonight’s event at Sinners & Saints beauty from inside and out ❤️

Facial mask and collagen ❤️

And tomorrow I will move the rest of my stuff to my new studio ❤️

Don’t forget to laugh 😂

Tonight’s girls night at Salong Oss was great! Live band, snacks, good offers and time for styling 🖤 This is the place where I have a room and see clients for personal growth and more!!

Cheers before the guests arrives…


After the event, me and my dearest friend Helen went for a glass of champagne, coffee and deep conversations ❤️

What a week!!!!! So many good things on the way!!!! Today I got the keys to my new art studio and tomorrow I will move in and start a new chapter ❤️

My visiting address is Geijersgata 1B❤️

Yesterday I met with the amazing hair salon Sinners & Saints Tina & Said🖤 Amazing people who gives from the heart!!

A visit from the podcast Spökpodden 👻 Martin & Oscar😍 Stay tuned!

This painting got a new home ❤️

Oh, and I got myself a new tattoo saying:

👊🏻Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself 😂

Yes that is the plan… 🥂

And tonight is an event at Salong Oss , stay tuned ❤️🥂 and happy weekend to you all 😘